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What is biomimetic dentistry?

At its heart, biomimetic dentistry is the most conservative approach, aiming to preserve as much tooth structure as possible. With traditional dentistry methods, when a tooth has decay, the first step is to drill out the decayed material and replace it with either silver amalgam or composite resin. This often leads to the removal of more natural tooth mass than is necessary. Instead, Dr. Fong uses more conservative techniques to reinforce teeth with polyethylene fiber mesh and biocompatible bonding materials. Call us in Santa Ana at 714-549-1903 to request a consultation with Dr. Fong and discuss your options.

How is biomimetic dentistry different from traditional dentistry?

This isn’t a full departure from one to the other. Dr. Fong simply has added biomimetic techniques to his practice to expand his service to his patients. The difference really comes in the approach to removing damaged tooth material and then replacing that material to restore the tooth. Traditional dentistry has looked to the first drill out all of the damaged material, along with some of the healthy teeth around it. Then a silver amalgam filling was placed. More recently, composite resin has replaced amalgam for fillings, which is a step forward. But these methods removed more of the natural tooth, which opens the door for the restoration to fail and requires additional procedures down the road.

Biomimetic dentistry removes only the minimum amount of decayed material.  Then, rather than placing a typical filling, the restoration is made with a polyethylene fiber mesh followed by the application of the most advanced bonding materials. These basically become small inlays/onlays on the tooth, which serve to strengthen the repaired tooth. They work, in essence, to glue the tooth back together. The bonding materials also provide a sealant to ward off future bacterial entry.

The difference between Dr. Fong’s traditional and biomimetic dentistry techniques is simply the degree of tooth material removed and the way the removed material is restored.

Who is a candidate for biomimetic dentistry?

Dr. Fong uses biomimetic dentistry methods when possible, but they cannot always be used. For example, if the tooth has already has crown.  The degree of damage dictates if biomimetic practices can be used. For most decay and moderate damage, he can use the conservative approaches offered with biomimetic dentistry.

Dr. Fong’s extensive experience as both a general and cosmetic dentist, who now also has biomimetic dentistry training and tools at his disposal, provides our patients with the full range of options for keeping their oral health in tip-top shape.

What are the benefits of biomimetic dentistry?

The basis of these methods is “less is more,” meaning that removing less of the natural tooth structure can deliver real benefits for the patient. This allows the patient to keep more of his or her tooth, which lessens the chances of needing more involved and invasive procedures, such as crowns and root canals, down the road.

This saves patients the need for future treatments, along with the corresponding money and time involved for these treatments.

These restorations are also virtually invisible when on the tooth. Dr. Fong uses the latest bonding materials that basically glue teeth back together instead of simply “filling” the space of the drilled-out tooth material. More of the tooth is preserved, and the restoration seals the tooth from future bacterial infection, all the while blending in perfectly with the surrounding natural enamel.

What are the risks involved with biomimetic dentistry?

The risk is not having Biomimetic Dentistry done. Traditional Dentistry can be aggressive in removing large amounts of tooth structure as compared to Biomimetic Dentistry.  Once a tooth is treated aggressively, for example by placing a crown, the tooth cannot be treated conservatively ever again.  Traditional Biomimetic methods are available for many situations. Even in situations with a very deep crack in a tooth.   That’s because less of the natural tooth material needs to be removed in these processes. Because the latest bonding materials are used that create a seal on the restoration, there is a less future risk of infection, which also means less possible pain moving forward.

How can Dr. Fong restore teeth with biomimetic dentistry?

Biomimetic dentistry aims to be as conservative as possible. If a tooth is structurally compromised by decay or a crack, the damaged material is removed. Dr. Fong can reinforce the remaining tooth structure with a polyethylene fiber mesh. This allows the repaired tooth to disperse the energy applied in chewing, rather than create more risk of cracking the tooth, which can happen especially with amalgam fillings. Next, he places biocompatible bonding materials to finish the restoration beautifully. These new bonding materials are incredibly strong, yet also work to minimize future stress on the tooth. To do this, Dr. Fong places the bonding material in layers that are then hardened before the next layer is applied.

How long do biomimetic procedures take?

Horizontal color close-up image of young woman having dental exam. These are usually single-visit restorations at our Santa Ana office. Biomimetic procedures take more time than traditional dental restorative procedures. Of course, there isn’t any “set” timeframe, as every patient’s situation is unique. Also, because these methods can head off the need for additional future treatments on the tooth, that saves time down the road.

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