About Dental Bone Grafts

Bone grafting is a regenerative treatment option for patients who have lost quality and quantity of supporting bone tissue as a result of periodontal disease. This procedure is often needed before dental implants can be placed. It also helps protect the teeth from bacteria, trauma and further degeneration.

The Bone Graft Procedure

During the bone graft procedure, the gums will be separated from the teeth so that Dr. Fong can gain access to the underlying bone. Once the graft is in place, the gums will be reattached to the area with sutures. The graft used during this procedure may come from the patient’s own body, cadaver, or cow bone. The most effective results are often achieved when the patient’s own bone is used for part or all of the graft.

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Recovery After A Bone Graft

After the bone graft procedure, the patient may experience discomfort and swelling for several days. The patient will return to Dr. Fong’s office about 12 to 14 days after the procedure for a follow-up appointment. At that point, we will evaluate the healing progress. Over time, new bone from the patient’s own body will replace the graft.

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