How’s Your Home Hygiene?

After the year we just finished, there isn’t a soul out there who wasn’t glad to dump that 2020 calendar in the recycling bin. The one thing this dumb virus hasn’t turned upside down is the need to take care of your teeth. But did you make a New Year’s Resolution to take better care …

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All I Want for Christmas is No Metal Mouth

For most teenagers two words strike abject terror into their hearts: acne and braces! It’s not like wearing braces is a rarity — over two thirds of U.S. teens have some sort of orthodontic treatment — but that doesn’t make it any easier. In fact, few things other than extreme acne can be as embarrassing …

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Mini Implants vs. Full Implants

Most people know about dental implants. They are the best solution for a missing tooth or teeth, as, once in place, an implant behaves just like a natural tooth. Most people don’t know that there are also mini dental implants. At Dr. Fong’s Orange County practice, we are asked about the difference between the two …

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October is Scary. Dr. Fong isn’t.

Some people can watch all 43 iterations of the Saw movies and not even flinch. They can go to the scariest haunted house in Orange County and yawn. To them the frights of October are not even a thing. But tell that same person he or she has an appointment the next morning with Dr. …

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All-on-4, the Instant Smile Maker

Over one tenth of Americans have lost all of their teeth. Wrap your gums around that one for a minute. Many have tried dentures but have found the experience, uh, less than pleasant. That means a lot of people are simply going toothless…not getting to enjoy nuts, or a crisp apple, no popcorn, or Swedish …

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Take Care of Your Gums

Your gums may look pink and wimpy, like a piece of soft Double Bubble Gum, but don’t be fooled. Your gums are the defenders of your tooth roots, and they are tough. But like a boxer who still needs his mom to cook good meals, your gums still need you to take care of them. …

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