All-on-4, the Instant Smile Maker

Over one tenth of Americans have lost all of their teeth. Wrap your gums around that one for a minute. Many have tried dentures but have found the experience, uh, less than pleasant. That means a lot of people are simply going toothless…not getting to enjoy nuts, or a crisp apple, no popcorn, or Swedish …

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Take Care of Your Gums

Your gums may look pink and wimpy, like a piece of soft Double Bubble Gum, but don’t be fooled. Your gums are the defenders of your tooth roots, and they are tough. But like a boxer who still needs his mom to cook good meals, your gums still need you to take care of them. …

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What’s a Professional Cleaning?

Some people think they do such a good job of brushing their teeth at home that they don’t need “professional” cleaning. While it is absolutely true that good dental hygiene is a partnership between you and your dentist, it’s absolutely false that you don’t need professional cleanings in addition to home hygiene. Prophylaxis, that’s the …

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Fillings Start to Blend In

If you’re over 40, odds are you have at least a couple of silver spots on one or more of your molars. Fillings. More specifically, silver amalgam fillings. At Dr. Fong’s we place fillings every day. But things are changing in this long-used method for removing decay and replacing the material with a “filling.” Today, …

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Bringing Your Gums Back Down

Age can cause many irritating changes to our bodies. Things sag and droop. Our hairline recedes. Even our gums recede. This may seem innocent enough, but it can actually be a real problem. That’s because our tooth roots aren’t covered with enamel as the rest of the tooth is. Enamel is the great protector of …

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Did SmileDirectClub Move Your Teeth, But Leave Triangles?

You opted to go with the new SmileDirectClub’s teledentistry program for moving your teeth. Everything went well, but now you look at your straight teeth and you see black triangles between some of the teeth that have been moved. These are areas where the gums aren’t filling the space they normally would, so you can …

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