Dr. Fong and his staff are the best! Jean is the sweetest and so helpful.

I found Dr. Fong on the Bioclear website. This review will be about my Bioclear experience. Prior to meeting Dr. Fong, I did extensive research and watched YouTube videos on the procedure and patient reveiws. Unfortunately due to this being a newer procedure there weren’t much available.

My initial consultation was great. He throughtly explained everything and showed me photos of the procedure and some x-rays. He was confident that he could get rid of my black triangles caused by a previous diode laser treatment that left me very unhappy, upset and embarrassed of my smile. I initially thought I would need bioclear for one area for the black triangle (two teeth) but ended up doing all 4 of my front teeth. I’m glad I did because it creates a better even aesthetic.

The day of the procedure was just as expected. It was painless. The doctor made sure I was comfortable and asked if I needed anything since you’re kinda stuck to being in the chair for an extensive period of time (my procedure took about 4 hours). Before he started, he color matched me and we agreed on a style of how the teeth will look. I am very happy he took the time to color match and consult with me prior to starting anything because most doctors will just do whatever they want or what they think looks best without your approval first. He put my needs and concerns first.

Once it was all done, it was an instant change! I conveyed to him that I wanted my teeth to look natural and still look like it’s me. Well, he did it!! Because of him, I am able to smile confidently and big like I use to.

Was he able to get rid of my black triangle completely? No, but I thought it was pretty severe to begin with so even before meeting him I knew that it couldn’t be completely taken care of. I just wanted it to be covered up as much as possible. I’m sure he could have covered it up 100% but it might not of looked natural.

Word of advice….Just remember to keep your expectations real and understand that everyone’s case is different and your outcome will differ, but in the end you will be smiling regardless.

Thank your Dr. Fong for giving me the ability and confidence to smile again. Because of this experience I am happier in general and feel like I have my life back.

I hope everyone’s expeieience with Dr. Fong is as great as mine!

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