What To Do About Black Triangles After Invisalign

istock 481476625 300x223 1 It’s not unusual for a person to find that they have black triangles — dark triangular spaces between their teeth where the gum isn’t filling the space — after their teeth are moved with Invisalign or other orthodontic treatment. These black triangles are the blackness of the dark mouth showing between the teeth in spaces that the gums would normally fill.

Dr. Fong uses Bioclear to fill these spaces and give his patients a beautiful smile.

What Causes Black Triangles?

There are two reasons a person can develop black triangles: the shape of the teeth, and the shape and size of the gum tissues between the teeth.

When a person has teeth that are more of a triangular shape, they are wider at the end of the tooth than the area that enters the gums. As you would assume, if you put two triangles next to each other, you will have a gap at the top where the two narrower sections are adjacent to one another. This leaves a gap where the darkness of the mouth will show, a black triangle.

The other reason is the person’s gum tissue. When we’re young, our gums are taller between the teeth and they usually completely fill the spaces between our teeth. When that person smiles, all you see are teeth and gums in between. But as we age, the height of our gum tissue naturally decreases and triangular spaces begin to appear where the teeth enter the gums. This can even happen when the person has straight teeth and healthy gums.

Do Orthodontics Cause Black Triangles?

Some people rue their decision to straighten their teeth with Invisalign or braces because they have some black triangles after treatment. The tooth movement didn’t cause the problem; it simply exposed it. Crooked teeth often overlap to a degree that there isn’t any room for the typical gum tissue in between the teeth. When the teeth become aligned, this lack of gum tissue is exposed by the formation of a black triangle.

Bioclear Solves The Geometry Of Black Triangles

When a patient has black triangles, Dr. Fong fixes the gaps using Bioclear. Bioclear uses clear tooth-shaped forms to mold composite resin, allowing Dr. Fong to change the shape of a tooth. Unlike porcelain veneers, he doesn’t have to remove healthy enamel to make room for the veneers. With Bioclear, he uses the clear tooth-shaped form to enlarge the upper parts of the teeth where the black triangles occur. He can do this at a lower cost than porcelain veneers or crowns. Plus, with Bioclear he can change the teeth in just a single office visit. Bioclear is the most affordable way to close black triangles.

Do you have black triangles between a few teeth? Call Dr. Fong at (714) 549-1903 and ask about Bioclear.

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