istock 1132928286 300x200 1 You opted to go with the new SmileDirectClub’s teledentistry program for moving your teeth. Everything went well, but now you look at your straight teeth and you see black triangles between some of the teeth that have been moved. These are areas where the gums aren’t filling the space they normally would, so you can see into the black behind your teeth.

Dr. Fong can address this issue with Bioclear.

Online Treatment Can Leave You Wondering Where To Go

Because SmileDirectClub is completely online after the initial planning for the acrylic aligner trays, we’ve heard from patients who are concerned abut their black triangles but don’t know where to go to do anything about them. Their orthodontic movement hasn’t ever involved office visits. That is an advantage of having Dr. Fong handle tooth movement with Invisalign, as he is involved throughout the process in case problems arise.

But if you’ve had SmileDirectClub, we can still help with your black triangle problem.

Why Did These Gaps Form?

People wonder why their gums aren’t covering these gaps as they normally would or did. Two things are involved, the shape and size of the gum tissues between your teeth and the shape of your teeth.

Some people have teeth that are more triangular in shape. This leads to potential gaps where the teeth enter the gumline. That’s simply because the teeth are wider at the top.

Your gum tissue is the other cause for black triangles. As we age, the gums naturally lower somewhat on our teeth. This creates triangles even if the person has healthy gums in some cases.

Did SmileDirectClub Cause My Black Triangles?

When you have teeth that overlap slightly, the gums cannot occupy their normal space. Then when you move the teeth to get rid of the overlap and straighten things, the movement doesn’t cause the black triangles, it simply exposes the gum tissues that was missing when the teeth overlapped.

Bioclear Can Fill Your Triangles

Dr. Fong uses Bioclear to address black triangles. Bioclear uses clear tooth-shaped forms to mold composite resin. Dr. Fong places these around your teeth and he can change the shape of your teeth, adding more bulk to make your teeth appear less triangular and more rectangular. Bioclear can close your black triangles in a single office visit with Dr. Fong.

Do you have black triangles after your SmileDirectClub tooth movement? Call Dr Fong at (714) 549-1903 and let’s talk about Bioclear to fix the problem.

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