In Santa Ana a white Christmas isn’t exactly a realistic option, no matter how many times you watch Bing Crosby sing it in Holiday Inn (yes, this was way before he performed it in White Christmas in 1952). But Dr. Fong, being a merry old soul himself, would like to help with that by bringing some whiter teeth down the chimney this holiday season.

He offers both in-office and at-home professional teeth whitening in his Santa Anna dental practice.

Why Are My Teeth So Stained?

You probably didn’t know this, but everyone’s tooth color is unique. Some people have enamel that is simply darker than others. Also, as we age our teeth darken a bit as our enamel thins and the dentin layer shows through. Generally, though, the culprits behind your stained teeth are the foods you eat — blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, even dark chocolate — and the drinks you drink — coffee, tea, red wine, even cranberry or grape juice.

Teeth can also be stained by a drug reaction, usually to tetracycline given when you were a child. But these are stains in the dentin, and they don’t respond to teeth whitening. The way to treat that type of deep staining is to place a veneer or composite resin bonding over the stained dentin.


Dr. Fong offers in-office tooth whitening that is probably easier than your morning commute. You come into our beautiful Santa Anna offices, we protect your gums, and then apply the professional whitening gel to your teeth. We activate the gel with a special light and your teeth will whiten from five to seven shades! And this happens in just an hour!

At-Home Whitening

We also provide professional at-home whitening. For this you come into our offices and we take impressions. We use these to make custom upper and lower trays for your teeth that fit precisely. We then provide you with professional-strength hydrogen peroxide gel and give you instructions on how to use it at home. When home, you fill the trays, and place them on your teeth. Then you watch TV or read a book for 30 minutes. At that point, you take off the trays and wash your mouth with water. You repeat this process for usually two weeks (depending on the degree of staining) and you can also achieve five to seven shades of whitening.

See? You can have a white Christmas, a teeth whitening Christmas from Dr. Fong. Call us at (714) 549-1903 to schedule your teeth whitening in time to dazzle them at your holiday parties.

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