Invisalign Irvine, CA A sizeable portion of adults can remember their days with braces. Wires poking their cheeks. Bands rubbing on the inside of the lips. Trying to smile without showing your teeth. Having our Moms cut off our corn on the cob.

At the time, braces felt like some sort of required rite of passage, but do our kids really need to go through them, too?


Invisalign aligns crooked teeth without the metal. This relatively new orthodontic system simply uses a series of clear plastic aligner trays to move the teeth without the mouth full of metal.

Dr. Fong offers Invisalign for his patients, young and not so young.

What can be corrected with Invisalign?

Some parents are very skeptical about Invisalign. “How can you move the teeth without them being so sore after tightening you occasionally had to miss school?” “How can plastic move teeth?”

It is true that serious movement issues are beyond the ability of Invisalign to handle. Things such as extractions to make room, heavy tooth migration, and bite problems often still require traditional braces. But for most moderate needs, Invisalign does an awesome job. These are the dental issues Dr. Fong can correct with Invisalign:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Unevenly spaced teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Mild to moderate bite problems

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

Invisalign has truly revolutionized orthodontic care. Here are three great areas to consider:

  • Invisible — Invisalign aligner trays are made of clear acrylic. There are no metal bands, no wires. No metal period. Because Invisalign trays are clear, they are virtually invisible when a person is wearing them. Even if a person is very close, they usually can’t spot the tray.
  • Comfortable — Traditional braces are a pain, literally. If you play trumpet in your school band, good luck with the inside of your lips. The bands rub the inside of your lips and the wires poke your cheeks and tongue.
  • Easy in, easy out — Braces are a figurative pain when eating. No corn on the cob. Nothing chewy like taffy. Food gets stuck in the bands and cleaning between them requires a flosser to thread dental floss. Just brushing well is difficult. But with Invisalign, you simply remove the tray when eating and when doing your hygiene in the morning and before bed. Then you put the tray back in. Piece of cake!

Just because you were called “metal mouth” doesn’t mean your kids need to go through that experience. Call Dr. Fong at 714-549-1903 and let’s see if Invisalign can work for your teenager’s smile.

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